Because PROTEIN!

Ah yes, beloved Protein. Now you may be asking yourself why even blog about Protein?

Because PROTEIN, that’s why! Protein fucking rocks! I found it necessary to build a brand and learn a lot about Protein because I need it. I workout 6-7 days a week no matter what. My job consists of traveling across all of North and South America and Europe as well. And I am also an avid outdoorsman- hiking, fishing, hunting, snowboarding. If it’s outside, you bet your ass I’m in! Protein helps me in each one of these categories.

I break them down this way:

  • The Athlete
  • The Adventurer
  • The On The Go

First and foremost, I believe Protein is what helped evolve us from the caveman. Let me explain further. There was a day that cavemen moved away from the mostly vegetarian based diet and decided to eat those tasty looking creatures running around everywhere! Once they figured out how to hunt and eat these creatures it was game on! Talk about an amino acid boost and one they were lacking! These essential amino acids helped develop our brains and further evolved the caveman to where we are today. Without Protein we may have never evolved… and that my friends, would have sucked.

Now, if you are big into weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding or just straight training like a beast! This is the one area I have the most in common with, as I train like a mofo and consume Protein like it’s my job! Now if you like me are any of these types then you will know and understand how crucial Protein is before and after your super intense sessions. Proteins help assist in muscle growth and is a big plus for those trying to get HUGE! Protein also keeps those that are dieting, fuller for longer periods of time. A real benefit when you are going into a real caloric deficit. Proteins are in fact the building blocks to muscle growth and repair!

Proteins are excellent for the adventure seeker. These Proteins help keep them energetic and satisfied. An essential during power climbs to a super high summit, or trekking through the jungle, and even before your climb to whatever building your about to BASE jump off! Protein helps keep these individuals at the peak of their game because pure concentration is needed. Definitely a good thing when you need to focus on which hand hold your moving to next while climbing that rock wall!

The next bit is what actually inspired the PWRcrate subscription box found at I call this individual the On The Go! This guy or gal will always be ready for a snack! And if you’re like me you want some Protein with thy snack. Traveling takes a toll on your body and carbohydrates are not very conducive to sitting for long periods of time. Also, when sitting in an airplane writing multiple reports or figuring your next trip. The need to keep your brain nourished is key. Protein helps this and will help you knock that report out with ease!

This moves me to my next point.

When traveling you never have, REALLY good options of food/snacks to eat. Only as of late, have I noticed more fresh healthier options available in airports. Problem is they are taxed big time and you end up spending $30 for two chicken breasts and some quinoa. NOT AWESOME. Due to my crazy work schedule, travel, and long flights or layovers and never a single good thing to munch on while in these dreaded airport terminals. I had always found a need to bring protein bars, beef jerky, or protein shakes with me on my trips. I like to eat relatively healthy and figure most people would like that choice too if they had it.
A lightbulb went off!

Why not offer a subscription box, full of Protein rich snacks that everyone loves, for a fraction of the cost they find them in most supermarkets. PWRcrate was born! We offer different quantity boxes for each of the three categories I listed above: The Athlete, The Adventurer, and The On The Go. We also offer the HUGE Office box for those cool bosses looking to hook up their employees with snacks other than shitty vending machine junk! These boxes are delivered monthly to your door and contain only the best Protein snacks!

Find them at or email me at with any questions! Or just if you want to say hi.

Adam Gelzinis,  PWRcrate founder